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Are All Legumes Bad?

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There’s always that one odd group of foods where everyone is unsure as to what category it falls under. This is extremely important information since the Paleo diet is very strict about the foods in which you contain to ensure that your body thrives the way the human should. Some of the foods that have been in question are green beans, and snow peas. What are they? Are they beans which means they’re legumes which means they aren’t allowed on the Paleo diet? Worry no more. All the answers to your questions are right here for you.


Yes, green beans and snow peas are legumes and yes, they are including within the Paleo guidelines. How can this be, you ask? After all, the Paleo diet consistently talks about it not containing any legumes. Well, let’s clear up the confusion there. When Paleo guidelines state that you don’t eat legumes, it’s simply due to the fact that legumes contain certain anti-nutrients in them, such as lectins and phytic acid. Both things are not good to your health, obviously. There’s nothing appealing about “anti-nutrients”. Lectins essentially form as a glob in your gut lining, and then phytic acids attach to minerals such as magnesium, calcium, zinc and iron and removes them. Ultimately leaving your body without those nutrients.


It’s the same thing as certain nuts and seeds. Some are allowed, and others aren’t on the Paleo Diet. It’s simply because some do have negative effects on your health, while others don’t. It’s as simple as that. That’s also not to mention that you’re probably not going to have 1/3 of your meal consisting of seeds.


So when it comes down to green beans and snow peas, you guessed it. The do still have the anti-nutrients like other legumes do, but you’re probably not going to eat 1/3 of your meal just with snow peas and beans. These are the exception to the legume policy and as long as you eat them in moderation, you should be okay. Green beans and snow peas are also okay because the theory says that the greener the plant, the less anti-nutrients it has… And green beans and snow peas are pretty green. Ultimately, they have less anti-nutrients than the other legumes, a mere trace to be precise, and you wouldn’t be eating them, quantity wise, the way you would kidney or black beans.


In a nut shell, without the nut, of course, since you’re on the Paleo diet… Yes, you can eat green beans and snow peas. They have only mere traces of the anti-nutrients in comparison to the other legumes and you wouldn’t make them a staple part of every meal. So eat up, butter cup! If you’re concerned about your cravings for legumes, although extremely unlikely, this little side trick should satisfy all your needs while keeping your healthy to the caveman standards.

Not So Tasty, Tasty Treats

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We’ve all been there, where we stand at the fridge door, dramatically sighing and whining, “There’s nothing to eatttttttt!” You haven’t? Oh, well… apparently I’m just a big whiner all together then. Jokes aside though, we certainly have all had moments where we have stood at our overloaded cupboards, drawers and pantry, still questioning what in the world to eat. Now, I’m not scientist but the only reason I can think of for why we stare a tons of food and come to the conclusion that we have nothing to eat is because of lack of knowledge with a dose of laziness. Hey! I said I’m not a scientist, it’s just my assumption. Now, that crankiness that you just revealed may also be a reason why you can never find anything to eat… ahem… stubborn.


Stubborn or not, you certainly need to indulge in these tasty categories of foods when you’re at a loss of what to eat.



I’ll be the first one to admit that, even as an adult, I am not a fan of my leafy greens. However, the fact of the matter is that we have to eat them, so I took it upon myself to find delicious ones that won’t be a struggle to choose for a tasty treat or as part of a meal. Spinach has certainly become a favourite of mine, as well as broccoli and arugula.



Like the prior, I have never been a fan of vegetables. It’s almost like I’m a five year old stuck in an adult body. My eyeballs see beets and my taste buds sew my lips shut. However, some delicious veggies that are perfect for snacks and meals that can be easily incorporated into any Paleo kitchen and recipe are carrots and sweet potatoes which are also great carb options.



I don’t understand how anyone can dislike a good mushroom. They’re so tasty and if you don’t find them to be that way, they can also be so tasteless. So you can either have a mushroom that is full of taste and nutrients, or with absolutely no taste and again, high nutritional value. Do you beg to differ?



Yes. I did just say the “F” word, and although you may not have thought fab and fat could ever be in the same sentence, I’m here to prove you wrong. Avocados, nut oils and coconuts are all sensational and healthy fats that you should take a bite into.


As you can see, the paleo diet is free of grains, so your carbohydrates are coming strictly from vegetables and nuts. If you must include some bread once in awhile, make sure you go with an organic, 100% whole grain option. Ideally, flour-free bread made of sprouted grains would be the best option on this diet.

Water For Withdrawals When Starting The Paleo

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So you’re starting the new, (or old rather) Paleo diet, and you’re wanting to get all the information available to better prepare yourself for what your body is about to experience as it adapts to the new diet. Often times when adopting a new way of eating, you aren’t properly informed of the changes that will occur within your body while making the switch from a Westernized diet to the caveman way of eating and you can be hit with the unexpected changes within your body that can often times leave you confused about the way you are feeling, questioning if the diet is even good for you at all. Luckily for you, this cavewoman (me!) is not going to let that happen to you with the Paleo Diet. Here are the possible symptoms that you may experience as your body makes the adjustment from crap to caveman.



Oh, the bad “H’ word, but I’m just being honest with you and want you to be fully prepared for the way your body will react to this positive change that you are making in your life and diet. Headaches could very potentially happen, but only for a short period of time.  On the bright side, with your new Paleo diet, you’ll have less of everything – in just a few weeks, until your body adapts to the new changes. Drink lots of water if you find that you’re having a case of the withdrawal headaches.



It’s possible that you may experience a slight energy slump during mid to late afternoons and it’s completely normal. Your body is used to processed foods and sugars to keep your body unhealthily pumping throughout the day. Stick with some water and a little Paleo healthy snack and you’ll snap back within minutes.



You may experience some diarrhea during the very first days of the Paleo diet because your body is taking in a lot more fibre and protein than it is used to, and it will get your bowels moving. Don’t worry, this is a rare symptom and within a few days, you’ll be feeling better than ever.



It’s important that you always drink a lot of water, but even more so now that your body is going through a spot of withdrawals from the junk that is no longer being put into your body. Drinking water will help you overcome the body’s detox process, and it will lessen the symptoms, and possible even avoid them altogether.


Remember, withdrawals are normal and they will stop in a few days time. Your body is so used to having to rely on all the junk food and sugars and gross foods that you used to consume on a daily basis. At least now you know why these things are happening within your body, and on the bright side… always remember what is on the other side of those withdrawals. That’s right cavemen and cavewomen out there! A healthier and happier life is right around the withdrawal corner. Deal with the body’s detox routine with lots of water and you’re well on your way to a great Caveman life… or diet, rather.

The Amazing Things That Will Happen

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When starting a new diet, its important to remember all the fabulous changes your body and your life are about to experience. It’s an excellent source of motivation so I am here to tell you everything that you should expect to feel and see when adopting the new, or old ways of eating like the cavemen and women.



Get ready to say goodbye to that big bulge that you get in your tummy sometimes. That’s right! Adopting the caveman diet will help decrease all that bloating because it’s much easier on your digestive system without all the grains and gluten. And who doesn’t want to look at themselves in the mirror and feel a little bit skinnier within days?



Aside from the lack of bloating, you do lose weight fast when on the Paleo diet, starting with a few pounds being shredded right at the beginning, and consistent weight lose from there on. Pretty amazing, right?



So many diets make you cut out all the foods and portions that you adore, but the Paleo diet doesn’t restrict you in such a way. Thankfully, right? Be prepared to eat as much as you want and actually feel full when you are full, and for longer than an hour.



Oh, energy. How you lack so much of it when not indulging in the Paleo diet. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about that ever again because you’re about to have all the energy that you need, from day to night, and never hit a slump again.



Okay, so you’re not going to feel lighter than a feather, but you most certainly feel an inner core lightness that you didn’t have before. Your insides feel lighter and more free. I know this sounds a little cray at the moment, but once you start the Paleo diet, you will know exactly what I’m talking about and will love it!



Mental clarity is such an amazing feeling and you won’t realize how hazed your mind is until it all clears when you start the Paleo diet. You will find yourself thinking clearer, more creatively and feeling more calm and relaxed. Oh, it’s so blissful, isn’t it?


When cutting out all the bad things out of your diet, such as processed foods, sugars and other kind of junk, your body can go into some-what of a culture shock, or era shock in this case. Since your body has become so reliant on the unhealthy ways of your eating, it will go into a little bit of a spiral, but trust me, you will certainly appreciate and value your new diet when your body starts relying on the fabulous nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants that are now a part of your daily life. The pro’s of starting the Paleo Diet most certainly outweigh the little withdrawals you may receive for a couple of days.

7 Important Steps To Eating Like a Caveman

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The Paleo Diet, or better known as the Caveman diet is pretty straight forward…. eat as if you were a caveman. Simple, right? However, there are seven vital steps to remember when indulging in this creative way to get healthy, or healthier rather, while indulging into your inner caveman tummy.


Number One: Eat a significantly larger amount of animal protein than you did when you were not on the Paleo Diet. Remember to choose leaner meats as opposed to lamb chops, lunch meats, beef ribs, bacon and things alike that contain the bad fats that you don’t want. Some lean red meats that you should most certainly indulge in are chuck steak, top sirloin steak, hamburger mince and lean veal.


Number Two: Eat plenty of good carbohydrates that can be found in fruits and vegetables. This will also help you eat less carbs than you did prior to the Paleo Diet, ultimately leaving you healthier and less in weight, if that’s what you’re looking to do!


Number Three: Load up on your fiber from non-starchy fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, grapefruit, broccoli and asparagus. These food items will also help decrease and/or avoid constipation, heartburn, indigestion and IBS, as well as other various problems that often come from a Westernized diet.


Number Four: Remember, the “F” word isn’t always so bad. Eat a decent amount of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, as well as omega 3 and omega 6 fats that are found in fish such as sardines and salmon.


Number Five: Stick to foods with high potassium and low sodium counts. Since the Paleo Diet eliminates salt intake, processed foods are immediately taken out of your diet, making your sodium (salt) intake significantly lower right away, which is great! Replacing the salty foods with high potassium items such as meats, fish, fruits and veggies will help you adopt this step like a champ!


Number Six: Eat more alkaline based foods, than acid based. This means, focus on foods that at are alkaline-producing such as fruits and vegetables. Luckily, the Paleo Diet has already eliminated the majority of foods that are acid-producing such as grains, legumes and dairy products.


Number Seven: Eat lots of foods containing vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants! This last step comes with little to no effort when switching over to the Paleo Diet because the whole entire diet itself is focused on the healthy foods that have those exact vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants.


When following the Paleo diet, everything else will fall into order when it comes to your health. You will have a much healthier weight, will be at a lower risk for lifestyle diseases, and well, you simply will feel so much better! Follow these crucial steps for eating like a caveman and you’ll be reaping the benefits in no time.

Sneak a Treat

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There are several categories of food that you can indulge in when adopting the ways of a caveman’s stomach. However, there are also some ways that you can give yourself a break and a nice pat on the back… or tasty treat in your belly. I won’t tease you… you will not be eating jellybeans and ice cream cake as your treat. Instead, you can certainly opt for a little bit of the “bad” when on the Paleo Diet. Here are ways to sneak a little “no-no” from time to time when eating like a caveman, to make your life and belly happier, while still keeping you on track to getting healthier.



It’s time to say farewell to milk, cheese, cream, yoghurt and ice cream. Okay, maybe it’s time to say “see you later” instead because some Paleo Diet indulgers do allow some milk, cheese and other dairy products such as eggs to enter their tummies, but for the most part, the majority of dairy products are no longer a part of your eating life. Hey! At least you can sneak a little dairy something-something from time to time, right?



What does salt positively do for you anyway? Not much! However, it does give you a little splash of taste when necessary, right? All of those TV dinners aren’t doing anything flattering or beneficial for your body anyway, so those are totally out of your freezer. When you do find that your food is lacking a little bit of the deliciousness, you can sprinkle some table salt when needed. Don’t make it a habit though! You’ve committed to the Paleo Diet and this is simply a little break, allowing your taste buds to have a small treat, which is totally needed from time to time since the Paleo Diet has also cut out condiments, such as ketchup and mustard. Hey! Don’t act so surprised, because as far as I know, cavemen not having condiments for their food isn’t a surprise.




I know you love your french fries and other kinds of foods that are made from potatoes, so you will be happy to hear this little indulgence. You want to completely cut out starchy potatoes, so those vendor french fries that are your favorite from the corner of downtown are a big no-no and an even bigger health hazard. Instead, switch up your potato product recipes and replace the starchy ingredients with sweet potatoes, yams and root tubers. You’ll still be able to have your treats from time to time, but in a healthier way!


Okay, so you can’t sneak in your sugary soft drinks or greasy hamburger from McDonalds, but at least these little Paleo Diet tricks will keep you happy when times are a little rough. Hey! It happens and we all have bad days, so don’t be too hard on yourself. Opt for little indulgences that are allowed within the caveman diet instead of breaking your new healthy beginning with something completely disastrous.

Cut It Out

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The Caveman Diet has taught you everything that you can eat, as well as ways that you can have a little treat from time to time within your meals, but what about all the foods that you need to cut out? It’s just as important to know the food categories that you cannot eat because well, if you don’t know, you’re totally going to eat foods that are not included within the Paleo Diet guidelines. This is essential for Paleo beginners because you’re starting to get ready to raid your pantry, empty your cupboards and clean out the fridge, as well as adapt to a new way of eating, or old depending on how you look at it, and you need to know what needs to go and what you need to buy to fill that large empty space that the nasty foods left. Here is what to avoid like the plague.



Forget that little song, “Beans, beans, the magical fruit. The more you eat, the more you toot!” because these little things are no longer a part of your diet, or rather, an excuse for your excess gas. Hey! It happens! All beans, as well as black eyed peas, chickpeas, lentils, peas, peanut butter, soybeans and all soy products are included in this category. You’re going to have to start blaming the dog for the sudden smell.



Oh, it’s time to say goodbye to those sweets and sugary items that we love so much. At least we’re not children and missing out on Halloween trick or treating, right? Treat nights will no longer consider of soda and chips, gummy bears and ice cream. All fat and no health benefits. You should be happy to eliminate these items from your diet.  Salt also is just a flavour booster and is not recommend within this fabulous caveman diet, but if you need a little blast of tingling sensations on your taste buds, you can opt for a little sprinkle from time to time.



Oh, I know. It’s so tasty but so bad for you. Hey! If everyone ate everything that is “so tasty” we’d all be obese. Oh wait! The majority of America is obese and this is exactly why the Paleo Diet was formed. Now, I remember. Processed meat is simply junk. You’re better off eating ice cream bars of dinner – but don’t do that either because….



That’s right. Ice cream bars are also not an option because dairy is out of here! No more milk, cheese, yoghurt, butter and other kinds of dairy products. You can indulge in a little butter, eggs and milk if you need to, but for the most part, dairy is no longer in your diet. Plus, would you really want to eat ice cream bars for dinner? Yuk!



All grains, including barley, corn, millet, oats, rice, rye, wheat and any other grain product that you can think of is no longer a part of your life, but you’ll be happy for this once you start seeing the fantastic results!



Condiments such as mustard, vinegar, ketchup, tartar sauce, mayonnaise, salad dressing and everything else that you like to slop on your food, or dip your food in is no longer a part of your dining routines. It can seem tough now, but you will adapt to this new, or rather, old way of eating in no time.



Three Benefits of the Paleo Diet

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The Paleo Diet, also known as the Caveman or Cavewoman diet is unquestionably an astonishing dietary plan that is becoming more popular each and every day. You don’t have to be a nutritional specialist to understand the benefits of eating based solely on human evolution. That’s right! No more nasty sugar, fats and preservatives. It’s time to ignore the McDonalds at every intersection and walk past the sweets at the corner stores. It’s all about meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits and nuts. However, it never hurts to get a little more insight on how these six food groups will change your world for the better.




Guess what? The food isn’t processed! Why is that so exciting, you ask? Well, processed foods are loaded with chemicals, and that doesn’t sound like a good option for your body, does it? Not quite. There was no such thing as organic and processed food back in caveman days because everything was, essentially organic. Pumping chemicals into the delicious fruits and veggies was simply nonexistent, and with the Paleo Diet, you can make processed foods disappear in your modern caveman world, or diet rather.




When you choose to follow the Paleo guidelines and eat accordingly, you will notice that this diet reduces bloating, because you are receiving more fiber, drinking more water and avoiding salt which are three fundamental principles of this fabulous diet.




It’s no surprise that you need to eat your fruits and veggies! We’ve been hearing it for generations and generations. It’s quite possible that this message has traveled right from caveman time, which only makes sense as to why The Paleo diet focuses on a diet high in these juicy and delicious items.




The “F” word doesn’t have to be bad! There is such a thing as “healthy fats” which are found in omega-3 rich fish and nuts, as well as avocados, to name a few. Don’t worry though – you won’t get fatty with these fatty items. Wouldn’t that be contradictory?




The most valuable thing to any diet, which most overlook, is the need of feeling full. There is a variety of items that don’t provide that full-stomach feeling, which in turn, leaves you eating… and eating… and eat. What does overeating lead to? Yup, the “F” word… and not the health kind. Since the Paleo Diet is rich with nutrients and the fabulous goodness of nature’s foods, you will find yourself feeling quite contently full after a good meal of veggies, fruits and fish – or whatever else you decide to eat, as long as it stays within guidelines.


In some regards, the Paleo Diet can seem similar to the Atkins Diet, but surely you can see the phenomenal results that come specifically from indulging in the caveman ways of eating. It’s time to start living the way the cavemen did, without the fatty fast foods and harmful manufactured junk that we often put into our bodies without even realizing what we’re doing. If the cavemen could do it, so can we! There’s a reason they thrived on this clean diet, without the preservatives, chemicals and artificial ingredients that are so commonly found in today’s food.