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Paleo Diet Recipes Ideas


It’s important that you’re taking the time to come up with a variety of tasty yet nutritious recipes while you go about following the paleolithic diet, if for no other reason than to prevent boredom. It’s always a good idea to find a thorough cookbook that is based around the paleo, or “caveman diet” approach, as this will not only provide you with a slew of paleo diet recipes to try out, but also give you some ideas of others that you might be able to come up with yourself.

The key when looking for paleo recipes is to search for ones that have a mixture of proteins, fats, and healthy carbohydrates coming from fruits and vegetables because this is what will ensure that your blood sugar levels stay stable and that your meals are well balanced. Since they are free of grains, these recipes have the added advantage of being gluten free.

If you’re active doing Crossfit workouts on a regular basis as well, then it will be even more imperative that you are taking the time to ensure you get enough protein and carbohydrates into your post-workout feedings, as this will help to support your intense levels of physical activity.

Like we said, it’s always a great idea to get some good paleo cookbooks to plan your meals, but let’s give you a few ideas on paleo diet recipes to get you started.

Idea #1: Fruit With Nuts

Fruit and NutsOften the simplest recipes are those that contain as few ingredients as possible, and you simply can’t go wrong with fruit and nuts. Smearing some natural almond butter over an apple is a great way to get in some protein, fiber, healthy carbs, and fats, so will easily fuel you throughout the afternoon.

Idea #2: Salad With Chopped Eggs And Seeds

SaladAnother recipe idea is to liven up any of the salads that you’re currently eating by chopping up some hard boiled eggs for protein, tossing them into the salad, and drizzling with an olive oil based salad dressing and your favorite variety of seeds.

This will be a very well balanced meal on any paleo diet and help to support optimal fat loss in the evening hours, when you’re less active compared to during the day.

It is important that you do come up with a few paleo recipes that are much lower in carbohydrates for those times when you aren’t being active since you aren’t using as many calories or energy.

By doing so and shifting the focus of your meals at this time to proteins, fats, and vegetables, you can ensure that your body stays in a state of health and maximum fat loss.

Idea #3: Egg Omelettes

OmeletteFinally, the last category of recipes that you should definitely consider when using the paleo diet a variety of egg omelettes. These are a great way to start your day and by incorporating in a variety of different vegetables as well as possibly chopping up some lean ham, chicken, fish, or other paleo-approved meats you can really get a strong serving of protein to start your day.

Since eggs are such a versatile food, and one of the most commonly consumed protein sources on any diet plan, you’ll definitely want to come up with some paleo diet recipes that include these.

So keep all of these types of recipes in mind as you go about forming up your diet. By being creative in the kitchen and making the most of the different foods allowed on this diet, you should have no problem finding satisfying recipes to utilize.

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