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How To Make The Most Of The Hunter Gatherer Diet


If you’re starting up on the hunter gatherer diet plan (a.k.a., the paleo diet), it’s important that you learn how to make the most of it. Many people will see absolutely fantastic results by using this diet, but in order to do so they will have to make sure they are eating the correct foods – the foods our ancestors ate.

hunter gatherer dietSome people will still follow paleo diet recipes but do not plan their meals properly, thus not reaching their ideal nutrition and health needs.

By learning how to make the most of this style of eating, you can be sure that you get started off on the right track.

Let’s go over the main things that you need to know about.

Step #1: Set Calorie Intake

The very first step when formulating your diet plan is to make sure to set your calories properly.  In order to get results, you need to consume enough calories that the body doesn’t begin to slow down its metabolic rate, but not so many that you aren’t turning to body fat for fuel.

Over time humans have come to include far too many processed, high calorie foods in their diet and it’s this overabundance of calories that has caused weight gain to take place.

By using the hunter gatherer diet approach, your goal is to choose healthier, wholesome foods to form your diet that will promote turning to body fat as fuel.

Step #2: Plan Your Protein

The next step is to be sure to get sufficient meat in the diet, so that you’re getting plenty of protein.  Protein is one nutrient that’s an absolute must-have on this approach, and not one you can do without.

The top meat sources of protein include chicken breasts and poultry, lean red meat, eggs, and fish and seafood. You should be avoiding dairy protein as much as possible, as it does not fall under the strict guidelines for paleo eating.

Step #3: Get Your Carbohydrates In Order

The third step on a paleo-style diet is to make sure that you get your carbohydrates in order. Rather than turning to grains for your source of carbs though, you’ll turn to fruits and vegetables instead.

These will supply you with plenty of fiber and help to keep you feeling satisfied between meals and snacks.  You should aim to have some form of vegetable or fruit with each and every meal or snack you eat. These should not be left out of the picture.

Step #4: Assess Your Fats

Finally, the last step on the hunter gatherer diet is to assess your fat intake.  You want to only be consuming healthy fats while on this paleo diet plan and that’s why high fat meat products and dairy have been eliminated.

Instead, you should focus on fat sources such as nuts, seeds, and fattier forms of fish, adding a small amount to each meal and snack so as to keep your calorie intake under control.

So if you can go about planning your paleolithic-style diet using all of these steps, you will be able to see for yourself everything that this plan has to offer.  By following millions of years of evolution and applying an evolutionary approach to your diet, you’ll find that you’ve just found a plan to use for life, not just a short-term solution for fast weight loss.

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